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Rooms & Accommodations in
Sri Lanka

Bellwood Hills Resort & Spa is premium out of all the places to stay in Kandy, Sri Lanka. Hotel-wide room service will have your needs met without any need to leave your room. The large variety in room choice is sure to provide you with the perfect room size and immaculate view of the Sri Lankan wilderness right in our backyard. Rooms types include everything from the standard, to executive suites, and presidential suites.

Super Deluxe Room

Our Super Deluxe Rooms with 1 King Bed give you extra space all around giving you the room you need unpack and get settled comfortable. Besides, a little space never hurt, right?

2 King Beds
Super Deluxe Family Room

Our Family Rooms with 2 King Beds are designed specifically for family getaways. With two spacious beds there’s plenty of room for everyone to sleep spread out comfortable. And if there are needs for more blankets and pillows, be sure to let us know at check-in!

Presidential Suite

As the name speaks for itself, our Presidential Suite is fit for world leaders. Of course, it is not exclusive to just heads state, you are just as suited to this room! Large living room with space to entertain a small village (not quite). Nonetheless, this room represents the peak of all Sri Lanka accommodations.

Lakvidu Sky Suite

Ah, a prized possession. The jewel of Bellwood Hills, our 888 Lakvidu Sky Suite is wanted by everyone, coveted by many, but home only to us. Ideal for honeymooners or luxury couples, this stunning room comes with a personal butler and incomparable outdoor balcony view, any friend that stays in this room is sure to receive the most unforgettable experience out of all the Sri Lanka resorts.


Perhaps you are looking for something beyond just our rooms. Our resort brings the best of Sri Lanka to you by turning your trip into a retreat. Replenish your mind, body, and soul.