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Local Areas

While Bellwood Hills Resort & Spa is a sight to behold, there are numerous other places to visit in Sri Lanka during your stay. All the local attractions in Sri Lanka are the best places to see if you are looking for rich history and nature. With the historic city of Kandy just 11km away, and the illustrious city of Nuwara Eliya easy to visit in a day long sightseeing trip, you are surrounded with many options. Here are just a few things to do in Sri Lanka!

Lakes and Parks

Many come to Sri Lanka for the raw nature and they are rarely disappointed. When you’re all done with the city and village tours, take in all the beauty by visiting any of these parks or lakes. (Why not all of them?). Choose wisely as some may even include mountain hiking!

Local Attractions

If you’re staying for an extended vacation, why not get familiar with the rest of the local attractions as well? It may take a lifetime to see and do all the possibilities, but it is worthwhile checking these ones out!

Museums and Temples

In all of Sri Lanka tourism the most enriching experiences are the visits to the local museums and temples. Anyone can get lost in the depth of history the moment you step into any historical building. Buddhist temples and hindu temples alike, a temple tour can enrich your experience by giving context and meaning to these centuries old artifacts.

And More!

The list can go on and on - here will never be enough time for all the things to do in Sri Lanka. If your timing is right, you may even be able to catch Esala Perahera (The Festival of the Tooth), happening just 11 km away from our resort. If not, then you could also check out the Victoria Golf Club to swing a couple clubs, or visit the granite sites, maybe even go on a tea plantation tour to learn more about the thousands of tea varieties.